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Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, and lindy hopper, living in Ohio.

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Cat feeding instructions: Keith Nevens


This is a great example of sketchnote documentation from Keith Nevens

He wrote:

We are about to go on holiday and have various people coming to cat sit for our 3 little chums. I thought this would be a more interesting and memorable way of giving them the instructions on how to use the new timer feeders that we bought.


Don't miss Keith's drawings on his Flickr .

Gread work Keith, keep sketchnoting!

- Mauro


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Notes from Frontend United: Roy Scholten


Here's a looser, more interpretive version of sketchnotes from Roy Scholten.

- Mike


Sketchnote as a reflective tool for presentation development: Tracy Clark

Nice example of Sketchnote Idea Map from Tracy Clark 

She wrote:

This sketchnote is a draft of the ideas that have been floating around in my mind for my SXSWedu proposal. I am still pretty new to sketchnoting, but love the reflective value for presentation preparation, ideation, and mastering new content.  

You can find her SXSWedu proposal here.

Thanks for sharing, Tracy!

- Mauro

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Sermon sketchnote capture: Wyatt Eichholz.



An interesting use of type and separators in this sketchnote captured by Wyatt Eichholz.


Nice work, Wyatt!


- Mauro



Anthony Weeks at Euviz Sketchnote capture: Ralf Appelt

 Here is a Sketchnote capture of Anthony Weeks Session on Visual Storytelling at #euviz by Ralf Appelt .

I like the use of graphic elements and textures to highlight information hyerarchy.

Nice work Ralf


- Mauro