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Mike Rohde, creator: Designer, author of The Sketchnote Handbook & Workbook, and illustrator, living in Wisconsin.

Mauro Toselli, curator: IT Director, sketchnoter, author, living in Italy.

Binaebi Akah, curator: Sr. UX Designer, sketchnoter, author, living in Ohio.

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Sketchnoter's Stories you may like

Professional Development workshop captured by Patricia Russac

This sketchnote is from Patricia Russac .

She wrote:

This sketchnote captured the key points from a professional development workshop on empowering students with grit and facing failure as a way of learning.

Very interesting Patricia!

- Mauro



Coworking! A sketchnote by Aurélie Alléon

Here is a sketchnote by Aurélie Alléon.

On her blog you can find some more of her works.

Thanks for sharing, Aurélie

- Mauro




Daisy Christodoulou’s talk on creativity sketchnoted by Oliver Caviglioli

Here is Oliver Caviglioli live note of a  Daisy Christodoulou’s talk on creativity.

You can read the whole story of this sketchnote on Oliver's blog.


Josh Linkner presentation at AADI Summit: David Elfanbaum

Here is a sketchnote by David Elfanbaum

He wrote:

This is based on a great presentation on innovation by Josh Linkner at last week's Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit (AADI). I created it with Sketchbook Pro on a Surface Pro 3. Although I still do an initial live draft of sketchnotes, when I plan to share them with a wider audience, I've started going back and refining the originals. I'm also straying from my original "purist" approach by using reference photos for some of the illustrations.

 Excellent structure, David!

- Mauro




Scrum Alliance CSPO Sketchnotes: Mike Doherty

Today we feature the work of Mike Doherty .

He wrote:


I've always been a doodler, but recently I've consciously started creating a few sketchnotes here and there alongside trying to improve my graphic facilitation.  I can't 'draw', but I find the process fun and I've also found it has helped me improve my handwriting which has always been terrible!   Although I did have my first comment at this session how neat they were; so practise is paying off!
I was at a 2 day Certified Scrum Product Owner course in London hosted by Scrum Alliance and the excellent  Mike Cohn so I made a commitment to myself to take sketchnotes for the entire two days during the sessions.  I usually limited myself to one page for an hour talk or so, and in the end I walked out with 8 small A6 pages.  A mixture of key points and items that I think I need to follow up.
I've settled on these the past few months so I can't get into too much detail, thus forcing me to capture only the key points:
Pental Liquid Ink V Sign Pens (Black and Blue for emphasis)  My current favourites.
Orange Bloc Rhodia No 13 (I love the grid to assist me in being a bit neater and that it can fit in a blazer/suit pocket to take 

Don't miss the whole set of sketchnotes.

I love the use of color to highlight concepts and how these sketchnotes are informative while being "essential" and very readable.

Such a good job, Mike!

- Mauro